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Rich, poor, or inbetween, white, black, Asian, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, there is absolutely no favorites. Make no mistake, we will all leave this world as we came into it, and all are flesh and blood. Whether one chooses to accept it or not, the world as we know it is on a course, in a downward spiral, and will ultimately pass away. It will be no more. Mankind is foolish and haphazard, and no amount of technology, NOTHING in the realm of human knowledge when it comes to resolving the overwhelming, cumulative problems of today, will work.

It is time to ask yourself the most important question of all, no matter what your religious faith is, or lack of it...and that is WHO IS YOUR GOD? Is it money? The scriptures make many references to monetary wealth. You've probably heard at one time or another that money is the root of all evil, when it's actually the love of money. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also (Matthew 6:21). Or is God your job? Possessions? Perhaps even yourself? NONE of these will save you. There is only one way, and one way only. Through the blood of Jesus Christ. Scoff if you will and remain forever in doubt, or drop to your knees and praise God the Father. It's your decision.

The reality is, there IS a God, the one TRUE God. Jehovah, the God of Abraham, the God of Moses, of John the Baptist, of all the disciples, and JESUS is His Son. The King of Kings, The Chosen One, The Messiah, who shed his blood on the cross in order to wipe the slate clean of all mankind's sins. In order for man to once again be reunited with God as it was in the beginning. It had to happen, there was no other way. We were not created to exist apart from God, and anything put above or before Him, will only lead to FAILURE and eventual eternal separation. DEATH. Thus missing out on immortality in the Kingdom of Heaven. It's a scary thought to contemplate, but I'm not here to scare you. God prefers His children to come to Him out of LOVE. To have FAITH in His promises. Believing in the unseen by virtue of one's FAITH. Therefore, not wealth, nor job, possessions, not even people whom you love dearly, that's right, not even that, should come before our love for the Lord. The Most High. If anything we have said so far has made a difference for you, help us to continue to be a voice for Christ by donating. Your gift, no matter how large or small, will go a long way in furthering this ministry.
NO ONE IS PERFECT. NOT ONE. Only Jesus Christ Himself, who came to this earth as God in the flesh. Think of Them as a glass and pitcher of milk. The glass pours the milk back into the pitcher. They are ONE. Then there's the Holy Spirit. All together They make up The Trinity. Born of a virgin, Jesus came to us to set the perfect example of how man should live. To love your enemies, to treat others as you want to be treated, to avoid excess, to be patient, to be kind, all those qualities that make us better human beings. After all, what father doesn't want the best for his children? God The Father knows what's best for us. He created us, knows all, and loves each and every one of us.

Are you glad or sad because of the world you live in? No matter. It's only TEMPORARY. In today's misleading world of lies, false religions, false prophets, idols, the mere wisdom of man which is considered folly in the eyes of God, and all of man's evil ways, people are still searching for an ANSWER. But to realize the answer, one must FIRST ask oneself, who or what is your God? There is only ONE correct answer, and one need not search long or far to find it. One must not only WANT it, but also BELIEVE it, ACCEPT it, TRUST it, EMBRACE it, LIVE by it, for as long as you live on this earth. A world saturated with the self mentality, which comes straight from the devil. Yes, my friend, today's world belongs to the devil, and he is at the height of his power right now. He cares not for those he already has, he's going after the Godly, the Christians, and he will claim many who do not hold on to their faith until the end. We are living in the end time as I speak, believe it. All of the signs are there, just as you recognize the change in seasons. Never before in human history have disasterous events happened with the FREQUENCY they have in recent years. And there is much yet to come, in a short period of God's time. A thousand years like a day in His time.

Yes, there will be events coming that will bring men to their KNEES in fear. This world will come crashing down all around us, nature will go awry, here on earth and rain down from the heavens, destroyed by fire this time and not by flood. If not for God stepping in at the last possible moment, nothing will survive. All he's waiting for is the last person to turn to Him now that His Word, the True Gospel, has just about reached around the globe. Doom and gloom? You bet it will be real, and the end is coming sooner, much sooner, than you think, if you're not with the Lord our God. Jesus will come back on a cloud as He left, and separate the wheat from the chaff. Those who don't make it to heaven will suffer eternal separation as if they never existed, but not before first getting a glimpse of what they'll miss. What worse punishment for making excuses and denial than THAT? And everyone will get a glimpse of it, everyone who has ever lived on this earth. The next life is beyond our comprehension. It will be more beautiful than anything in this world, and it will last FOREVER and EVER.

So who is your God? Acknowledge and believe in your heart of hearts that Christ is the Son of God, that only His blood shed for your sins will save you, and gain everlasting life. Put God first. Put Him first. This is the answer to people still searching for one. When you do THAT, all else in life will fall into place! A promise God made that will never be broken. Before making your next crucial decision, particularly if confronted by temptation, make your decision as if Jesus were standing right next to you. Would He approve??? Put God First. If these words lead to ONE person choosing a life pleasing to God, then this has been time well spent!
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